Vegan Veggie & Black Bean Enchiladas

ENCHILADA LOVE OVER HERE! Just look at these beauties. So gorgeous, so tasty, so healthy, so amazing. I’m in love! This recipe all started with an expired jar of enchilada sauce. You see, I had planned on making some enchiladas for dinner recently, and so I went to the store to buy some enchilada sauce…. 

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Roasted Salt & Pepper Delicata Squash

My absolute favourite squash of all time is the gorgeous delicata squash. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s SO tasty! My favourite way to cook it is by roasting it in the oven with a bit of oil, salt & pepper. I can eat it as a snack on it’s own, that’s how good it… 

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Cheese Addiction

How I Got Over My Cheese Addiction

Are you (or were you) addicted to cheese? Does giving up cheese scare the pants off of you? Sure, vegan food is delicious, but there is no way, no how that you could give up cheese. Right? If this sounds like  you, I can relate. My addiction to cheese was real, and eliminating it from… 

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Ratatouille Vegan Pic

This Week’s Vegan Menu Plan

Every week, I create a menu plan for the week ahead. I’ve always found menu planning to be helpful, but especially when eating a vegan diet. Sometimes I forget to make one, and those weeks are just awful. I stare into the fridge and whine that there’s “nothing to eat”, even though the fridge is… 

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My Grocery Shopping Trip This Week

People often ask me what kind of groceries I buy. I personally love checking out others’ shopping trips, so this comes as no surprise to me. It’s interesting to see what other people purchase and how much they pay for groceries in their area! I thought it would be fun to share my shopping trips… 

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Pumpkin Donuts with Powdered Sugar Glaze

Pumpkin EVERYTHING is in full effect over at my house. What about yours? I’m eating this stuff like it’s candy, and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon! Not that I’m complaining or anything… The other day I opened up a can of pumpkin puree, just so I could smell it. SERIOUSLY. I had… 

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Spirulina Protein Power Bites

I spotted it in the store a few months ago. It stood out and called my name: SPIRULINA. I had heard about the almighty spirulina before, but I had never seen it at the store. Until THAT DAY. That day when I decided to look a little closer for this superfood that is such a rich… 

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Vegan Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

Have I mentioned that I love mac & cheese? ‘Cause I doooooo, and I just can’t get enough. This time, it’s mac and cheese made with a creamy cauliflower cheese sauce. De-lish! I’ve made numerous mac and cheese recipes in my life, but I think this one takes the cake. It’s cheesy and creamy and… 

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